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Whether The Size Of The Cone Crusher Is Controllable


Judging the quality of the crusher, the intuitive judgment is the output and the shape. The quality of the shape directly affects the profit of the entire production line, so it is necessary to control the size of the output of the cone crusher.

In the construction field, the increase of needle-like particles in concrete aggregates will cause the overall compressive strength of the building to decrease, and increase the cement consumption during the construction process. Similarly, the increase of needle-like particles in asphalt mixtures will also increase. This leads to a decrease in the overall density and compressive and tensile strength of the mixture. It can be seen that the needle rate plays an important role in the quality of the crushed product.

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water conservancy and construction, and plays a key role in the corresponding production process. The main working object of crushing machinery is ore material, and its grain shape is the main indicator of the quality evaluation of crushed products, which can usually be divided into cubic shape and needle shape.

When the material passes through the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, the needle rate increases sharply with the occurrence of the crushing crushing event, and then gradually decreases. Before the material enters the crusher, the particle size becomes more uniform after the screening or particle size separation process; after entering the crushing cavity, the material is crushed and crushed, and needle-like particles begin to appear. As more and more material particles are subjected to When crushing and crushing, needle-like particles increase rapidly; when the crushing and crushing events further increase, some material particles including needle-like particles begin to be subjected to 2 or more squeezes.

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