Mill Installation Steps

Mill installation is put into operation before the mill had to go through the link, the installation is good or bad will affect the mill subsequent use problems, and even affect productivity, crushing ratio, service life, so the mill installation the importance of self-evident. This Share mill installation procedures, 10 installation considerations, installation difficulties and install the appropriate skills.

Mill Installation Steps

Mill should be installed according to the following steps: preparation before entering basic review, ready → statistical horn mounted into, the discharge end of the pad holder, the pad corrected horizontal centerline concentricity → lifting cylinder lifting mill pinion A mounting angle of 26 ° to adjust the mounting position of the pinion gear → lifting → motor coupling efficacy and efficacy motor reducer coupling → mounting plate and preliminary efficacy test mill.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Install the bearing housing

2. Installation mill turning part

3. Install pinion

4. Installation Reducer

5. Mounting the motor

6. Electrical and commissioning

7. test (no-load test and load test)

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