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Five Operating Mode Of Crusher


1. Crusher crushing The crushing force generated when the two crushing working surfaces approach is used to crush the material. Jaw crusher, roller crusher and cone crusher are all crushing machines mainly crushed.

2. Crusher crushing The crusher uses the splitting force of the sharp-tooth wedge to crush the material. The force is concentrated and local fragmentation occurs, which is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials.

3. The crusher breaks The material between the crushing working surfaces is like the two fulcrum (or multiple fulcrum) beams that bear the concentrated load, so that the material itself is broken.

4. Crusher grinding and peeling The two crushing working surfaces make relative movement on the material, and apply shear force to the material, so that the material breaks. This force is suitable for the grinding of fine-grained materials.

5. The crusher crushes It uses the impact force to crush the ore. The impact force is the force acting on the ore momentarily. For example, the crushing force of an impact crusher is mainly an impact force.

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