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Sand Production Factors Influence


1, the humidity of materials in the production and processing of the materials, as the humidity of materials is too large, it will cause the body clogging, thereby affecting the yield of the device in a unit of time, therefore, before processing or humidity material by Daydrying, etc. will reduce the moisture, thus increasing device yield.

2, the viscosity of the material of the device is not suitable for crushing the material viscosity is too large, because during processing, the material adheres to the inner wall of the body, will affect the crushing efficiency, thereby reducing time for a certain device materialsthe amount of processing, affecting its production.

3, the hardness of the material can be broken material Sand numerical strength of not more than 320 MPa, such as the hardness of the material over a wide range of equipment, will not only affect the efficiency of the device, but also for the wearing parts of the device will causedamaged, thereby shortening the life of the equipment.

4, maintenance of the body due to equipment often work in harsh environmental conditions, lead to increased wear of equipment components, if not timely and effective life will be the replacement, maintenance, equipment of a certain impact on the important equipment, and processing of materialscapacity is also affected.

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