Noise Of Sand Maker

Many plants indicate Sand during operation will generate a lot of noise, not only causing serious pollution to the environment, but also cause great harm to the safety and health of production workers.Sand processing plants in order to make more low-carbon, environmental protection, and response to the state environmental requirements, the experts proposed the following solutions to noise problems Sand.

First, upgrade sand making equipment

Sand noise.Ultimately, the structure itself Sand poorly designed, quality is not reliable and durable.Thus, plants can reduce noise by changing radically Sand.If there is no more money to replace the entire device, then it needs to improve the structure of the original sand making equipment, noise abatement, noise, vibration, or other measures to tighten Sand.Reduce vibration frequency.

Second, control of noise propagation

1. Terrain conditions the processing plant can be fully utilized to prevent noise transmission by increasing the obstacles, can be added to the structure in the mountains, forests and other high-rise buildings.

2. In order to facilitate control of the process sand away from residential and office area.

Third, protection of staff in order not to affect the normal operation of employees, reduce noise on people, the extent of damage of the workers in the course of their work, wear earplugs, helmets and other anti-noise tools, shorter working hours of workers in high noise environments.

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