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Reducing The Number Of Sudden Shutdown Of The Crusher


Sudden shutdown of equipment crusher will cause greater damage, affecting the normal operation of the equipment, reducing its production capacity, so production should reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, this article focuses on how to reduce the sudden shutdown of the crusher.

First, the material clogging prevention

In production we should jaw crusher according to claim broken material, to the crushing chamber into a uniform material suitable, not too much into the material, pretreatment of the aqueous material.At the same time, to break hard objects into non-prohibited crushing cavity, otherwise the device will cause greater damage, and even lead to jaw crusher was forced to stop.

Second, the periodic inspection machine parts

1. Check the V-belt tension.V-belt is too loose can not provide enough power to run the equipment, are particularly vulnerable to fracture tight belt will also affect the operation of the jaw crusher.Therefore, before each start the machine, the crushing process and apparatus, the belt should pay attention to check whether the appropriate tightness.

2. Check the operating voltage.When the jaw crusher is unstable or low voltage, it is easy to make the parking device.Thus the operating voltage should be checked regularly jaw crusher, adjust, conform to the requirements of the host operating voltage.

3, check the member is loose.If the eccentric shaft adapter sleeve loose will cause the eccentric shaft stuck, resulting in equipment downtime.Further, if any other component loosening, it will affect the normal operation of the device.Thus in the production of the various components should check is loose to ensure a firm mounting member.

Third, do maintenance work

1, the maintenance of the bearing.Bearing directly affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher, it is very important to maintain the bearing.In production pay attention to check the use of the bearing, if the bearing is damaged will have to be replaced.Furthermore, is to do the work of bearing lubrication, prevention jaw crusher bearing temperature is too high.

2, to maintain the thrust plate.Before starting jaw crusher, first injection amount of grease between the thrust plate and the seat adjusted to minimize damage to the jaw crusher thrust plate.

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