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Crusher Motor Heating In The Course Of How To Do


When using the crusher, the motor fever phenomenon, the average customer will think this is normal and can be ignored, but often ignored because it may cause other issues with the device, and therefore can not find the root of the problemthe reason.

First, when buying crusher, crusher model must be supporting the motor, if the small or big motor, and will be very prone to failure, such as electric heat even burned the phenomenon; second is not to underestimate the broken machineryinstallation, a good start is the first step to success, to be installed crusher installation under the guidance of professionals; additional crusher fan leaves fall off or wear and tear can also cause fever crushing machine motor, then we have to checkmotor fan leaves are not falling off or wear, identify problems in time; Furthermore, is the crushing machine motor power is too large, excessive wind speed, wind speed under strong too late to the discharge port has been blown back, leading to productionlow, re-melted constantly repeated crushing of the material can lead to crushing machine motor heat.If the motor voltage is too low will increase the load on the motor resulting in abnormal phenomenon of heat.

Open and closed loop: In the production of the roll crusher, a separate circulation loop and closed loop path, the former is called after the first screen breaking, crushing the latter is called the first screen, the first screen by a broken refers to thethe crushed material to go through before entering the sieve finished secondary crusher feed opening is crushed, such to increase production of finished material, flakiness content also increased, after the first sieve is broken refers to the crushed material an entireinto the secondary crusher feed port, and then breaking into the multiplexed sieved finished, the entire system is a closed system, there is no loss of broken material, cycle load is large, but the good product shape, the actual production of the crusherWe can be open or closed loop selection in accordance with production requirements;

Load cycle: the work roll crusher process is carried out in a closed cycle, and transfer large discharge opening, increasing the load cycle, will get better stone grain shape, throughout the process, due to the cyclic load increased,system increased wear of each apparatus, but when transfer large discharge opening, the crushing load of the main motor can be reduced, a good finished pellets deformation, so in the production, to adjust the cyclic load is very important.

Feed size: For-roll crusher, a different type or a different type of material can be processed into different size, if the feed particle size not suitable, also cause the phenomenon is not up to the quality of material,for example, when the feed size reduced from 100mm to 50mm, finished feed flakiness content decreased by 38%, so the feed size to meet the requirements of production equipment.

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