Extended Sand Making Machine Service Life

Because of the long lead time parts of various factors such as aging, resulting in Sand inevitable there will be a variety of failures in the job.But if you can correctly analyze the cause, take appropriate precautions to prevent sand making machine malfunction, it can extend its life.

1. Mechanical means some impurity metal shavings, dust, wear debris, etc., soil and other non-metallic materials of construction machinery in the course of self-generated.Once inside the sand making apparatus impurities, not only the relative motion block, accelerated wear of parts, but also a mating surface scratch, the destruction lubricant film, the part temperature, lubricating oil deterioration.Sand preventive measure is generally more severe operating environment, so prevention is even more important to use a high-quality spare parts and lubricants, block the source; the second is the harsh environment, can do protection work, protect its goodwork, as well as possible to the regular repair shop for repairs.

2. The impact of temperature

Sand has a lot of components, each component has its normal operating range, once beyond this range, it will cause damage to the components, thereby causing damage to the equipment.Therefore, when the operation of crusher: To prevent an overload operation at a low temperature, low-speed running protection stage pre-warmed, so that the device has reached a predetermined temperature after the operation; two to prevent mechanical operation at high temperature, mechanical operationthe process should always check the value on the various thermometers, identify problems immediately stop, it was discovered fault and remove.I can not find a reason, absolutely not but still treated the Sand work sick.Every day before work must be checked regularly clean up the dust, ensure good cooling duct open.Tin powder dryer

3. The reduction in the corrosive effect

Sand is made of steel, which will be the various functions with the surrounding medium, resulting in the destruction of the structure of crusher, impact crusher which not only the surface but also affects the internal device, the acceleration systemsand wear and reduce life expectancy.Such damage is invisible, so it is good prevention.We can start from the usual bit by bit, the operator in addition to the usual cleaning and maintenance is carried out, to be made effective protective measures based on the day's weather conditions, the main is to prevent the chemical composition of rainwater and air to Sandintrusion.

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