Five Little Knowledge Of Sand

In our daily operations or full sand equipment used in the process, to understand many of the basics of sand equipment is very necessary.Only you understand the relevant knowledge part of sand equipment, this can be resolved in a timely manner when the machine be some small problems.

1, to strengthen the work to iron ore.Non-broken (solder top thereof) will fall between the double roll crusher damaged, resulting in parking accidents.Therefore, in the crusher feed port should be installed in front of iron.

2, viscous material crushing space prone to clogging, clogging failure processing should stop processing performed not poke ore operation.

3, when the processed material containing large bulk, lump ores to be noted that the crushing space easily squeezed, to prevent injury or damage to the device.

4, after a long time operation of the device sand, due to the wear of the roll surface is large, will cause the product size too small, then the port of discharge should adjust or repair the device.

5, strengthen inspection mechanism sand equipment for lubrication equipment to refuel on time, good equipment lubrication.

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