Cone Crusher Select A Crescent Hammer

A hammer is an important part of the cone crusher.When the material enters the region of action of the hammer, it is due to high-speed impact hammer broken, and thrown into the counter plate mounted above the rotor to again broken, then broken in the contrast.Back to the role of regional hammer to break again.As can be seen, the material in direct contact with the hammer.Hammer and fixed shape has some influence on the crushing.This article describes two methods cone shape and three fixed hammer crusher.

One, two shapes hammer

Currently, the shape of the hammer on the market is largely divided into two types of linear hammer, a hammer and the other is crescent-shaped.

The crescent-shaped hammer is more advantageous, as it ensures vertical impact material, a greater impact and crushing efficiency.Further, the impact surface is greater than the linear weight and more durable.

Second, the hammer plate fixedly

Hammer fixed to the rotor cone crusher.There are three ways to repair the hammer:

1, bolted

Hammer corresponding grooves axially inserted into the rotor from the side of the rotor.In order to prevent the axial runout, positioned at both ends by the platen.Since the fastening bolt is removed, thereby improving the reliability of operation of the hammer.The reaction force and the centrifugal force generated when the impact hammer is self-locking rotary crusher, wear is easy to replace the rotor structure, handling is simple and easy to manufacture.However, the bolt exposed on the striking surface, easily damaged, and the bolts to withstand greater shear forces, once cut, will cause a serious accident.

2, the board is fixed

Hammer inserted into the rotor from the side recess, the platen is pressed ends.However, it is difficult to secure fixing method makes the hammer, and the hammer easily work loose.This is because of the need to manufacture and processing of high manganese hammer.Alloy steel and other materials difficult to process.

3, wedge fixed

Wedges for fixing the rotor hammers.The fixing method under the effect of centrifugal force, to ensure that the rotor speed can be faster, more secure fixing of the hammer plate, reliable, easy to replace.This is a good way to fix hammer, the hammer has been used in more than one place.Wedge made of cast steel, toughness and plasticity.It has high strength and hardness and good machinability.

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