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Sand Blasting Rust Measures


In the sand making equipment and idle time, maintenance and repair should be carried out, can not relax, good performance of the device can lead to better benefits for the enterprise

First, Rust protection

1. heat plating method.Sand plating on the surface layer not easily rust or heat a metal material, such as aluminum, zinc, plated on the surface of these metal materials Sand can form a dense oxide film so as to achieve that the Sandmaterial can not be in contact with air and water, so that it will not rust;

2. the coating method.Oily coating materials, paints and other surfaces in the crusher, the iron may be an external Sand exclude oxygen and water, so as to achieve the oxidation Sand, rust;

3. process material.Sand generally are made of iron, we can use for rust-proof alloy materials to produce Sand, rusty Sand can solve this problem fundamentally;

4. environmental law.Sand generally rusty iron oxidation reaction with water, the working environment by maintaining Sand dried, Sand rust can be prevented.

Second, rust

A significant role in the production process of sand and gravel, natural sand gradually reduced, artificial sand will gradually replace natural sand inevitable, new sand making machine in the course also has some problems, due to the work environment sand making machineis bad and is not used for a long time, so there will be new problems sand rusty surface, affecting the quality of sand making machine, sand making machine how this issue is very important to rust, so based on past experience for everyoneshare a few tips sand blasting machines.

First of all to remind you that most of the mining equipment, sand making machine, crusher, mill, etc., are to constitute the basic iron and steel as a material production, prolonged outdoor work or vapor relatively well, plus a period of inactivity,rust is a normal body chemistry.Crushing chamber inside the machine there is rust, due to its inner wall and the material (generally greater stiffness rocks, ores, etc.) friction during crushing, to scratch the inner wall, it is easy to hold the long-term rust.Rusty does not matter, but it should be in time to prevent its long-term rust, causing damage to the machine, sand making machine affect the normal use.There are the following four ways rust:

1. chemical descaling method: is the use of an acid with a metal oxide chemical reaction, thereby removing an effective method of corrosion products manufactured by one kind of sand blasting the metal surface of the machine, known as pickling rust, in addition to therust can only operate in the workshop;

2. high-pressure water blasting abrasive: using high pressure water jets impact action (plus abrasive grinding action) and water pry role of removing rust and coatings on steel sand maker.It features no dust pollution, does not damage the steel plate, greatly improving the efficiency of rust, up to 15m2 / h, good quality rust.However, the steel sheet after rust susceptibility to rust, be coated with a special paint wet blasting, the coating has great influence on the general properties of the coating;

3. small pneumatic or electric rust: mainly powered electrically or compressed air, suitable descaling device assembly, reciprocating movement or rotational movement in order to accommodate the requirements of various applications of rust;

4. smear oxidation paint: mineral oil coating, enamel paint or fired, spray and the like on the surface of iron products.Steel surface by plating, hot dipping or the like coated with a layer of rust metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, and nickel.The metal surface can be a layer of dense oxide film is formed, thereby preventing iron products and water, air and other substances in contact with rust.The article can also be chemically surface of the iron to generate a dense and stable oxide film to prevent rusting iron products.

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