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Sand Humidity Requirements Of The Material


Sand production line by the vibrating feeder, a jaw crusher, crusher, vibrating screen and belt conveyors.However, to meet the different processing needs, and can be equipped with cone crusher dust removal equipment.Preparation of manufactured sand and aggregate material hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel, slag smelting etc. may be used.Suitable for water, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries.Depending on the process requirements, various devices may be combined to meet different process requirements.

First, the problem will not pay attention to each production line is to install the equipment.Sand should be installed horizontally.Even if the casting surface is not normal, it may also pass through the eccentric rubber.Adjusted, or the device will be rotated at high speed in an inclined state, will generate a centrifugal force, vibration device, and also non-uniformly crushed material.

Secondly, on the loading problem, the need to feed in uniform, not the food, the better.If a feed is too large, the device is easy to plug the cavity, severely affecting productivity.

Finally, the humidity of the material to be crushed, equipment for dry sand, sand effect of those materials is very low water content of the dry well.However, when the moisture content of the material is too large, the machine will run slowly, the adhesive material will adhere to the interior of the machine, which also clog the discharge port.

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