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Energy Efficient Cone Crusher


In modern ore dressing, the cone crusher has become a wide range of applications of the crushing apparatus crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, the advantage of a uniform product particle size to fit crushing hard, medium hardness ore more, it is widelyused in a variety of black, non-ferrous metals in the crushing process in the crushing operation, effectively reducing the size into the mill, multi mill crushing and less, while increasing mill capacity, improve the economic efficiency of the processing plant.

Cone crusher is mainly by a hydraulic system, sealing system and a crushing chamber system composition, the main component rack, a drive shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, the adjustment means, the adjustment sleeve, springs and other components under the spout.

Principle of crushed stone cone crusher because of its axis with the rotation of the cone, crushing the ore is performed continuously.This leads to works compared to other mining cone crusher crushing equipment with higher productivity, lower wear and tear of the plate, so that greatly reduce the frequency of replacement of wearing parts, to protect the customer's normal production of ore crushing.It is worth mentioning that the cone crusher crushing chamber equipped with a new, compared with the conventional crusher, increasing the effective size of the device, which corresponds with small crusher and crusher efficiency of large, so that this cone crushermachine production efficiency is greatly improved.

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