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Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Mobile Jaw Crusher


How to reduce the wear and tear of mobile jaw crusher?

Crusher is mainly used for crushing metallurgical, chemical, building materials, water and the like.Ore crusher is mainly used in highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries.

1. Suitable materials for the device parameters

Sampling each batch of material, the material properties found greater volatility, timely adjustment of the main parameters of the crusher, such as an angle, the eccentric shaft speed, output power and motor power, etc., and make it wear reducing material to the crusher seesaw.

2. Note that the circuit board is fixed

New panel to be fixed, and the surface should be smooth flat surface in contact with the body (moving and stationary).Plywood or plastics material such as cement mortar lead plate may be placed between the two surfaces.The movable jaw and the stationary plate assembly requirements is another raft raft chirp cogging aligned, that is, the movable and the fixed raft raft substantially in the engaged state.

3. The same type of interchange circuit board

Mining enterprises cement can replace broken line in the mine pulverized and pulverized in the same type of cement slabs and wear, and replaced with a new raft continues to run.

4. Use welding or arc welding surface

For the seesaw has been worn, the surface treatment method may be used to restore the shape of the teeth.Arc welding can be used to repair, or use the automatic submerged arc welding.

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