Jaw Crusher's Discharge Size

In the past, the processing of scrap metal and waste scrap metal and other hard very difficult. As technology advances, there jaw crusher can easily solve this problem and easy to implement.Decomposition of scrap metal greatly improve economic efficiency.Jaw crusher discharge having a finer size can meet high standards of waste discharge requirements.It is the ideal product is currently broken scrap market, trusted by customers and support.

Structure jaw crusher has been developed by the technical staff and years of practice, broken and waste production efficiency has been greatly improved.Jaw crusher is mainly by the frame, consisting of a rotor and hammers.Direct drive motor rotor by a flexible coupling.Since the rotation of the rotor generated by impact breaking hammer plate material failure.Frame is divided into a seat portion, an inner wall provided with a protective liner, to prevent internal damage to the frame.The frame has four wickets.On the front wall of the door frame to facilitate adjustment of the breaker plate.

After the door wall for removing non-brittle material.Before the lower portion of the seat, the rear wall of the two door for inspection and cleaning of the screen.The rotor by a rotor shaft, V-belt, a disk, a hammer shaft, hammer and so on.The rotor shaft is provided with a triangular plate and the disc, the disc separated by the disc sleeve.Plate with hammer shaft, hammer hammer hanging in the shaft.When the rotation of the rotor shaft, with a hammer rotates.Screen bar screen apparatus provided in a groove base, located on both sides of the inner wall of the lower seat, and the lower sieve frame is provided with an eccentric, for adjusting the gap between the rod and the hammer rod mesh.

Jaw crusher low raw material requirements.In using a jaw crusher, only the size of the model should be noted that the block area of ​​the crushed material, to complete the routine crushing operations.Jaw crusher is a device for long-term use.For those who are interested in purchasing jaw crusher, the price is not necessarily too strong, but should pay attention to product quality.High-quality equipment not only ensure production efficiency, but also ensure low maintenance costs.

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