Jaw Crusher Rack

Different internal jaw crusher parts, each play a different role, one of the machine parts rack, which is the foundation of the installation, while the part when in use, will assume greater impact load, whichkind of impact load to the life and work performance of the device have a significant impact, therefore requiring strength and rigidity to meet the production requirements, is here to analyze the problems existing in the chassis production.

First, with regard to the working principle of jaw crusher, surely everyone is familiar with, mainly the use of the transmission mechanism drives reciprocating motion, in order to achieve crushing stone, this broken process, from the stone into small chunksblock, it will produce a certain impact force, this force will cause a certain rack vibration, and therefore, when used in rack jaw crusher, one problem is the selection and design of anti-vibration measures.

jaw crusher rack

Second, for the jaw crusher, the structure is not a single rack, some belonging to the frame structure of cast molding, in the long crushing processing operations, the particle size reduction of the filter screen, the port of discharge gap device alsocorrespondingly reduced, this phenomenon will increase in the production of the frame to withstand the impact strength, so that the load device is increased, which will lead to cracks in the plate surface of the chassis upstanding rib plate, conventional welding cracks can not makereaches full healing internal welding, so the frame will continue after welding cracks running in a few days, so that rack jaw crusher will be carried out in substantially the normal operation of welding a few days later, but due tostructural problems of the machine, each welding a long time, if not timely repair welding, will cause the rack to complete rupture, also causing completely destroyed crusher, which will reduce the life of the equipment, increase the financial burden of production operations.

Article introduces the rack jaw crusher at the time of use, the problems can be seen from the above description, mainly two aspects, first, the selection and design of vibration isolation, one weldinga long time, high frequency, will increase the financial burden of the device and reduce its service life, so the rack in the choice of time to pay attention to its stiffness and strength, use the time to pay attention to correct operation, and its load is reasonable.

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