Roll Crusher Disassemble And Installation

Rollers acting as a primary means of a roll crusher, is a more serious wear parts, when worn on the roll crusher roller, its need for maintenance, or even removed for replacement. So, how to complete the disassemble and installation of the roll crusher roller shaft?

Fitting roller shaft pulley, a gear, a flywheel, a wheel cover secured to the roller shaft by a key, as well as by a rolling bearing insert is tightly fitting to the respective spigot above, the disassemble and installation procedure, there are many aspects we need to pay attention.


1. with the use of specialized tools, such as helical screw or hydraulic pull-top machine.

2. when necessary around the axis may be performed along the detaching strength after disassembling the hotter, may be directly hit by a hammer, appropriate protective measures must be played at the time so that other components can be used around the damaged.

3. after the general heating method can be disassembled equipment parts, if it is not open then we can raise the temperature, but the temperature should not exceed 700 degrees Celsius, or will occur over parts of oxidation and annealing, reduced or damaged part strength, lifetime.

4. available at the time of the demolition of rolling bearings, to prohibit beat rolling, we can be pad with a lower hardness non-ferrous metal rods or pads, percussion can not force the bearing rolling elements and cage, to avoid damage to the bearings.

5. when the bearing is heated should not exceed 100 degrees Celsius and uneven heating phenomenon, the bearings to avoid annealing, reducing the hardness.


1. press-fit

Usually the shaft hole and the mounting shaft member hole a small amount of an interference member parts are assembled with the pressure method. The diameter of the shaft hole may be less than 150mm hand hammer, sledge hammer, or hammer Yau loaded hammer striking off, a hydraulic press conditions may also be press-fit, press-fitted to the shaft hole of the member is greater than 150mm use a large tonnage hydraulic press.

2. the thermal loading

The so-called shrink fitting method is to roll crusher member holes heating installation, this method is suitable for mounting a large-diameter, high-power interference and larger parts.

3. cold equipment

Coolant axis of the shaft of the roller crusher for cooling compressed, cooled when the shaft diameter to a certain value, the inner part or the outer part into the mating face, back up to room temperature until the shaft and the bore will firmly solid stay firmly.

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