Manufactured Sand Comprehensive Promotion In The World

In recent years, by virtue of a controlled product quality, yield considerable, production standards and environmental protection advantages, Chinese manufactured sand and gravel industry has developed rapidly.Not only enable the large-scale manufactured sand construction in China, manufactured sand also shine in the construction of infrastructure projects in other countries.

African railway engineering manufactured sand

According to the China Association of gravel and sand and gravel aggregate net understand China, a few days ago, as within Kenya and Mongolia railway extension line in a working horse railway track laying and bridge project is completed, to achieve all through.The section of the railway is scheduled to open to traffic in October this year to run.Within the horse rail for environmental reasons, abandoned local quicksand, and all use of manufactured sand, for this measure the environmental benefits has been highly recognized by the relevant departments of the Kenya!

Nema railway Kenya Vision 2030 flagship projects, but also an important part of the East African railway network, the line drawn from the Kenyan capital Nairobi, reaches the border city between Kenya and Uganda Malabar, full use of Chinese standard, passenger Design120 km per hour.One phase of the project a total length of 120 kilometers, the China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. construction.

Nema railway through the Great Rift Valley fault zone complex geological conditions, large bridge, tunnel construction difficulty, Chinese builders to overcome the numerous technical problems, has been highly praised Kenya Railways Board Chairman Michael Wawei Lu's.In addition to high-quality completion of the construction schedule, the project also focused on taking into account environmental protection.Nema railway through the Nairobi National Park, using a total length of 6.5 kilometers Bridge Park across the way across the board to solve the problem walking wildlife, vegetation while the bridge is also under reclamation as ever.

Application of high-speed rail

August 23, 2019, the manufactured sand used in concrete high metal box beam test a complete success."This test is a Chinese high-speed rail manufactured sand precast box girder for the first time of 2.5 (2672KN) destructive static load test, is a key test to promote the technology of manufactured sand precast box girder successful trials, to promote Chinese high-speed railconstruction application of manufactured sand has great significance. "wrap-up meeting, experts spoke highly of the significance of this test.


Increasing manufactured sand technology, product quality has increased dramatically.Quality and product performance can be adjusted to produce not season climate and other advantages of manufactured sand making more companies won the favor.Infrastructure home and abroad vigorously promote manufactured sand!

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