The Birth Of Manufactured Sand

Manufactured sand, soil is processed by addition, mechanical crushing, sieving made, particle size less than 4.7mm of rock, mine tailings, or industrial waste particles, including but not soft, weathered particles.

As a building material, it is widely used in construction of railways, highways, housing, etc., known as fine aggregate in the construction, according to different diameters can be divided into: coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand.

With the expansion of the scope of application of the mechanism sand, more and more people begin to pay attention sand industry.So "burst red" sand How was it made?

1. Selection

Not all materials can be used to produce sand in the production of sand, there are certain requirements for raw materials, such as:

a. raw materials used to produce the sand has certain requirements to compressive strength, and the material can not be potentially alkali reactive aggregates, desirable to use a clean, hard and soft without particulate material.

b. Mine: avoiding the use of a thicker cover soil, mud and rock containing more sandwich layered sheet-like quality to compare the difference of the mine.

c. bare rock material: if covered with soil or rock containing weathered layer, should be cleared then sand.

Common sand can produce the raw materials are:

Pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, andesite, sandstone, quartzite, diabase, tuff, marble, rhyolite, iron ore; construction waste, tailings, slag tunnel.

Sand rock produced by type-specific, there are also differences in the intensity and use.

2. Production Process

After selecting the raw material, the next step is to conduct a series of processing. After the raw material crushing->screening->dust->manufactured sand, the final size of not more than 4.75mm.

3. The main equipment

Sand in the production process, the general three crushing process, i.e. rough broken, broken, crushed crusher.Different stages of selection crusher crushing are not the same.

Sand Making machine

Impact crusher mainly based

VSI6X sand making machine Configuration "rock stone" and "stone blacksmith" broken form, more efficient crushing equipment; dual-motor drive and automatic oil lubrication to ensure safe and reliable operation of the device; key structural optimization consumable life increased by 30%-200%.

In the construction process, sand and gravel material as an important part of the concrete structure, the quality of the merits of having a significant impact on the quality and durability of the whole project.

Sand while meeting the performance indicators of sand, can more effectively control production costs and pollution levels, comprehensive benefit significantly.

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