Mobile crushing plant

✔From a single application to multiple combined applications

✔Fully meet the needs of various stages such as crushing, sand making, shaping and screening

✔Flexible parking function for quick access to work mode

✔Modular, universal design, switch production needs simply by replacing the main unit

✔Close to processing, reducing material transportation costs

✔Hydraulic control, stable energy saving

✔Global customer service


The mobile crushing station is matched on the basis of the fixed sand making production line. The internal airflow self-circulating device of the vortex chamber is adopted, which effectively reduces the dust pollution.At the same time, a sealing dust collecting device is arranged at the inlet and outlet of the feeder, the screening machine, etc., to greatly reduce the dust overflow.

In addition, another feature of the mobile crushing station is that it is flexible and flexible. The approach to processing not only reduces the cost of material transportation, but also avoids dust generated during material transportation.

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