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The Difference Between Impact Crusher And Cone Crusher


As we all know, in the stone production line, the broken processing stone is generally completed by a combination of rough and fine breaking. In the process of rough breaking, users often choose the jaw crusher, but many users will be entangled in the process of fine crushing.Which one is the impact crusher and the cone crusher?After repeated discretion, it is still difficult to decide.

In fact, the impact crusher and the cone crusher are secondary crushing. The difference between the two is the appearance and the working principle.


1. The principle of breaking is different.The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing. After the material enters from the feed inlet, it is repeatedly crushed and crushed between the hammer and the counterattack plate until it is formed after molding. The cone crusher is laminated and crushed.Constantly moving toward the broken wall, squeezing the material sandwiched between them to pulverize.

2. The discharge granularity is different.Counter-crushing with some micro-shaping effects, the material produced is sharp and angular, and the grain shape is good, which is also determined by the working principle of the impact crusher; the cone crushing is divided into coarse, medium, fine, superfine, etc.Model, the broken material is finer and more powdery, but it is widely used in the market because of its low energy consumption and low noise.

3. Different processing capabilities.The impact crusher has a smaller processing capacity than the cone crusher, but the finished product has good grain size and is generally suitable for small building materials or construction projects. The cone crusher has strong processing capacity and is used in large-scale mineral processing projects.

4. Different input costs.For the user, the quotation of the crusher is also a key factor to consider. The general impact crusher is lower than the cone crusher, and the initial input cost is small, but it has more vulnerable parts, and the later inspection work will be more complicated;The price of the machine will be higher. It may be high in input cost in the early stage, but it has strong processing capacity, less wearable parts, and stable operation in the later stage. It is also a good choice in the long run.

In addition to the above differences, the user should also consider according to the materials he handles, such as processing limestone, limestone and other materials with hardness below the intermediate level, you can choose the impact crusher; conversely, if processing river pebble, granite, bluestone, etc.Cone crushers can be considered for materials with higher hardness.


In general, the impact crusher and cone crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages, users can refer to the above analysis for consideration.Users who need to know more about crusher information can contact us.

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