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Sand Aggregate Equipment


Sand aggregate is a general term for many materials. Sand aggregate is the main building material for concrete and stone masonry in water conservancy projects. It is usually composed of gravel, gravel, pebbles, block stones, stone, etc.Stone aggregates require a complete set of sand and gravel aggregate production equipment.

1. What standards do high quality sand and gravel aggregates meet?

The demand for aggregates of gravel is large. About 1.5 cubic meters of aggregate per cubic meter of concrete is required. Therefore, the quality of aggregates directly affects the quality of construction. High-quality aggregates can improve the durability of construction.Improve its ability to resist natural weathering and erosion, and prolong its service life. According to the different particle sizes of aggregates, aggregates of gravel are divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. The coarse aggregate is generally divided into four grades.-20mm, two with 20-40mm, three with 40-80mm, four with 80-150mm, fine aggregate with a diameter of 2.4-2.8mm.

2. What equipment is required to produce high quality aggregates?

The production of high-quality sandstone aggregates requires the use of crushing, sand making, screening, feeding, conveying and other equipment. When configuring the equipment, it is necessary to fully combine the characteristics of the gravel ore, the size of the finished product, the capacity requirements, the working conditions, etc.Generally, crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, counter-breaking, cone breaking, etc. are selected. The sand making machine adopts impact sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, sand making machine, etc. The screening machine meets the control finished product specifications, generally adopts circular vibrating screen, givingThe material machine uses a vibrating feeder, and the conveyor uses a belt conveyor.

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