Jaw Crusher Materials

2019-08-13 14:44:30

Summary:The masher is a crusher consisting of moving jaws and static rafts. It is used to simulate the movement of animals and complete the crushing of materials.When t

The masher is a crusher consisting of moving jaws and static rafts. It is used to simulate the movement of animals and complete the crushing of materials.When the jaw crusher is working, the jaws wear first.As the material enters the crushing chamber, the moving jaws are squeezed to form a strongly compressed state, and the fixed jaws are subject to intense cutting by material friction, resulting in greater wear.

As a key component in the crushing chamber of the jaw crusher, the jaw material can reduce the wear of the jaw and improve the service life of the equipment, which can effectively reduce the after-sales service cost of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

The lower jaw plate generally adopts: high chromium cast iron, medium carbon low alloy steel, medium manganese steel, high manganese steel and the like as a seesaw.

1. high chromium cast iron

The high-chromium cast iron slab has high wear resistance, but the toughness is poor, and the direct use as a slab material is inferior.However, some of the jaw crushers use a composite jaw process to make the jaws. The principle is to maintain high wear resistance and good toughness of both high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel jaws.Although the service life of the board has been significantly improved, the manufacturing is relatively complicated, the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, and the cost is high.

2. medium carbon low alloy steel

Medium carbon low alloy steel has strong hardness and moderate toughness, and can meet the requirements of seesaw under different working conditions.Therefore, the material has been applied within a certain range.

3. medium manganese steel

As a kind of primary fracture, jaw crusher has a wide range of applications, complex materials and relatively harsh working environment. Therefore, more jaw materials are needed to adapt to different working conditions, which is the best working condition of the seesaw.

For example, an element such as chromium is added to a manganese steel alloy to improve the performance of the manganese steel.Medium manganese steel reduces the corresponding manganese content in manganese steel alloy and adds other elements to improve its wear resistance. According to relevant tests, the actual service life of medium manganese steel slab is about 20% higher than that of high manganese steel.High manganese steel is equivalent.

4. high manganese steel

Because the jaw-breaking maneuverability and the fixed jaw are subject to compression and friction, the jaw material not only ensures a certain strength, but also ensures that the jaw has good toughness to ensure good impact resistance of the jaw.

High manganese steel is named as an alloy steel and is named for its high manganese content in as-cast manganese steel.Controlling the manganese content within the moving range ensures that the manganese steel alloy has good hardness, wear resistance and good toughness.

In summary, the slab material generally adds various elements to the alloy steel to improve the wear resistance and toughness requirements of the material.However, in the actual equipment selection, the ideal state cannot be achieved at the same time. Therefore, in the selection of actual equipment, it is necessary to fully understand the selection of equipment materials and actual working conditions, select appropriate equipment materials, and improve equipment efficiency and output.Service life.


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