Granite crusher is easy to feed and easy to maintain

Time: 2019-01-22

Granite crushers are used in a wide range of industries, including mining, smelting and metallurgy, railway construction, water conservancy projects and chemical and chemical industries, all of which require the use of this equipment, granite crushers. There are certain restrictions on the length of the material that can be handled. The length of the material ranges from 100 mm to 500 mm. The compressive strength of the equipment is very high, which can reach 350 MPa. After the raw materials are processed by the equipment, the crushing ratio is very large. The raw material is in the shape of a cube, and the particle size is very full, which can fully meet the needs of producing various products. The processed raw materials will be directly delivered to the industrial factory and become the main auxiliary material of the product.

The main function of the equipment is to crush the granite. There are two main equipments for the granite production line, namely the jaw crushing equipment and the impact crushing equipment. These two main equipments can be combined with other equipment to form the production line.

The principle of the equipment is relatively simple, mainly by exerting a huge impact force on the raw materials, and the raw materials will enter the hammer section from the feeding inlet. In this area, the equipment will be impacted by a huge impact force, and these raw materials will directly impact the counterattack device. On the wheel of the equipment, the refraction of the raw material directly acts on the lining plate, and finally rebounded to the hammer area. At the same time, it is impacted by the huge counterattack force, and the raw material will change from large to small and continuously in the broken section. Breaking. The price of the granite crusher is very reasonable. Within the acceptable range, the raw materials after crushing will reach the corresponding granularity, and then the equipment will be discharged from the lower part of the equipment.

The granite crusher can perform multiple chamber feed crushing. The crushed raw materials are very uniform, and the equipment is very suitable for treating high hardness rock, which can break these rocks into rock debris. This new type of equipment has a very large feed port area and a low feed port, which is convenient for people to set up a production line. At the same time, it can increase the diameter of the feed. The equipment is hydraulically opened, which is very convenient for maintenance and maintenance. The operator can wear it easily. Parts are repaired. 

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