What Is the Profit of Silica Sand Washing Plant?

Silica sand is one of the main machine-made sand materials at present. Silica sand is hard, wear-resistant, and has stable chemical properties. It can be widely used in many industries. It is an important industrial mineral raw material with high mining value. In the following part, we mainly introduce silica sand washing plant.

silica sand washing plant

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1, what is the profit of washing one ton of silica sand?

If you want to know about the profit, you must first understand the cost composition in the silica sand washing plant. The production cost of silica sand washing plant mainly includes two parts: initial investment and later operation cost.

The initial investment includes site expenses, equipment procurement, business license and other legal formalities handling expenses. The high cost of equipment and plant construction of the silica sand washing plant directly determines the working capacity of the entire production line. Although this part is a one-time investment, it also needs to be amortized to the production cost of silica sand per ton in the later period.

The later operation cost refers to the water and electricity expenses, maintenance expenses, workers' wages and other expenses and costs incurred during the later operation to maintain the normal operation of the silica sand washing plant.

2, main equipment in silica sand washing plant

Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher for coarse crushing and fine crushing.

Screening equipment: circular vibrating screen or roller screen can be used for preliminary screening. Classification screen is used to separate different purpose materials.

Drying equipment: the silica sand are evenly distributed and dispersed after being added into the dryer. Under the turning of the uniformly distributed plate copying device in the cylinder, they fully contact with the hot air, speeding up the drying.

Sand washing and recovery integrated machine: through the sand washing and recovery integrated machine, the washing, dehydration and recovery of silica sand under the screen after screening can be realized.

Thickening tank: Through thickening sedimentation to achieve mud and water separation, to achieve tailing water purification.

Filter press: Press the thickened sludge from the thickening tank into mud cake through the filter press to realize sludge dehydration and dry stacking.

3, process of silica sand washing plant

Large blocks of quartz stone are sent into jaw crusher for coarse crushing by vibrating feeder through the silo. The coarse crushed stone will be sent to the transfer silo by belt conveyor, and then the transfer silo will continuously send the quartz stone crushed stone to the cone crusher for medium and fine crushing. The fine crushed stone will be sent to the sand making machine by the belt conveyor for sand making and shaping. The silica sand from the sand machine will also need to be cleaned by the sand washer to remove dust and mud. Finally, the silica sand washed and screened by the sand washing machine is high-quality finished machine-made sand, which is directly transported to the finished product area by belt conveyor.

4, attentions in the operation process of silica sand washing plant

1. The configuration of the silica sand washing plant should be reasonable

The planning of the sand washing plant should take into account the environment, emission requirements, material characteristics and other factors. After comprehensive calculation, the configuration scheme of the sand washing production line is obtained. Based on experience, the help provided by the equipment manufacturer is more referential.

2. The selection of equipment for silica sand washing plant should be proper

The equipment of the silica sand washing plant should be selected moderately as far as possible. Different types of equipment have different working characteristics, and the actual discharge will also be different. The equipment of the sand washing production line is of moderate specifications. On the one hand, it can avoid excessive no-load operation, waste of power, increase costs; on the other hand, it can also avoid overload operation, increase equipment operating load and failure rate, and affect the discharge quality.

3. Regular maintenance

Due to the special working nature of the equipment in the silica sand washing plant, the equipment will be worn after a long time of use. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment, replace vulnerable parts, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment without problems.

4. Strictly follow the equipment operation procedures

The operation of the equipment in the silica sand washing plant shall strictly comply with the operation standards. Attention shall be paid to the start and stop of the equipment in the silica sand washing production line, parameter adjustment, feeding and discharging adjustment, etc., to avoid the failure and shutdown of the equipment in the sand washing production line due to improper operation, which will affect the discharging of the sand washing production line.

5, silica sand washing machine introduction

ZENITH mainly provide spiral sand washing machine and wheel sand washing machine.

LSX series spiral sand washing machine

It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high cleanliness, good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device, adjustable weir plate, ensuring high efficiency and durability of the equipment, good cleaning and dehydration effects, and stable fine products.

The spiral sand washer has a strong cleaning capacity, which can effectively clean the sand with serious muddy impurities. It is often configured in large sand production lines.

spiral sand washing machine

Working principle:

The spiral sand washing machine mainly mixes the silica sand through the spiral device in the equipment, so that the soil and water in the sand and stone materials can be mixed and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The silica sand are gradually screened under the effect of the spiral device and discharged from the top outlet, thus achieving the cleaning and screening effect of the sand and stone materials.


1. Simple structure and stable operation.

2. The bearing shall be separated from water and materials to avoid the damage of the machine caused by early pollution and rust.

3. It is applicable to various working environments.

4. The washed materials have less loss and high washing efficiency, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.

5. The service life is relatively long, and there are almost no wearing parts.

6. Maintenance is rarely required, so the cost can be greatly reduced.

XSD series wheel sand washing machine

The wheel type sand washing machine has the characteristics of high cleaning degree, reasonable structure, large output and less sand loss during sand washing. It is one of the priority options for upgrading the domestic sand washing industry.

wheel sand washing machine

Working principle:

The motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand and gravel enter the sand washer through the feed chute, roll under the drive of the impeller, and grind each other to remove impurities on the surface of the silica sand, and at the same time damage the water vapor layer covering the silica sand to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, add water to form a strong water flow, timely remove impurities and foreign matters with small specific gravity, and discharge them from the overflow outlet washing tank. Clean sand and gravel are taken away by the blade, and finally the sand and gravel are poured into the discharge chute from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning of sand and gravel.


1. The structure of the wheel type sand washer is simple, and the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water receiving materials, which greatly avoids the damage of the bearing caused by water immersion, sand and pollutants, and greatly reduces the accident rate.

2. The loss of fine sand and stone powder is very little, and the grading and fineness modulus of washed sand meet the standard requirements.

3. The wheel type sand washing machine has almost no wearing parts except the screen mesh, which has a long service life and needs no maintenance for a long time.

4. The wheel type sand washer has the advantages of convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption and high cleanliness.

5. The novel sealing structure, fully sealed oil bath transmission device, and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that this series of products are efficient and durable, with good cleaning and dehydration effects.

If you want to set up a silica sand washing plant, ZENITH will provide one-stop service for you. Our engineers will design the plant and recommend suitable equipment for you according to your specific requirements. And after the equipment is installed, we also can train operators for customers to make sure the machine work stably.

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