Efficient and money-saving clay processing plant

Clay is a widely used mineral and clay powder has various applications. To achieve the application goals, clay processing plant is necessary.

What is clay?

Clay is a hydrated aluminum silicate mineral and it is one of the most widely used components in the earth's crust. Clay is widely used in ceramics, paper making, and rubber industries.

Clay plays an important role in the ceramic production industry and has great influence on the quality of ceramic products. Clay has plasticity, bonding properties, and suspension stability of slurry, which is conducive to the formation of ceramic bodies; Clay can also provide a certain drying strength for semi-finished products, ensuring that the ceramic body is not damaged during various processes such as bonding, glazing, handling, and potting.

According to the mineral composition, clay minerals can be further divided into kaolin, montmorillonite, pyrophyllite, illite, and water aluminum quartz stone. As an important raw material for the production of ceramics, clay ore resources are abundant. Efficient processing and utilization of clay mineral can produce various clay products, which can increase the price of clay and increase the market share.

Clay processing plant

A complete clay processing plant is composed of feeding, crushing, drying, grinding and packaging stages.

clay processing plant

Firstly, the clay ore is crushed in the jaw crusher and the crushed particles are transported to the silo by a bucket elevator.

Next, the clay particles are evenly and quantitatively fed into a grinding machine by an electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding and processing.

The fine clay powder after grinding enters the analyzer for effective sorting under the action of the airflow of the fan. The powder that meets the fineness requirements will enter the pipeline device along with the airflow and be sent to the storage bin. The fine powder that does not meet the conditions will be sent back to the grinding mill for further grinding.

The clay powder with required fineness will be transported to packaging machine and packed.

The above is the entire process flow of the clay processing production line.

Equipment in clay processing plant

Crushing stage

In the crushing stage, a small scaled jaw crusher is generally recommended.

clay jaw crusher

During production process, clay ores are crushed in the crushing cavity composed of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. Through the motor’s wheels, the eccentric shaft is driven by the V-belt and slot wheel to make the movable jaw plate move along a regulated track.

It has simple structure and relative lower price, can be used for coarse and fine crushing of raw materials with different hardness.

Drying stage

If the clay has high moisture content, we need to dry the clay ore before sending it to the grinding machine. Therefore, drying process is needed.

A mining dryer is also known as a rotary drum dryer. Mining dryers are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry to dry materials such as slag, limestone, coal powder, slag, clay, etc. The mining dryer mainly consists of rotating parts, lifting plates, transmission devices, support devices, and sealing rings. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent production, high yield, low energy consumption, and convenient operation.

By generating power through electricity, diesel power, wind power, flammable materials, etc., the air is heated and transported to the surrounding area for drying the clay minerals to the proper moisture content.

Grinding stage

In the grinding stage, grinding mill is the core equipment. ZENITH is an experienced equipment manufacturer with a wide range of grinding machine equipment types that can meet the production needs of 80-2500 mesh mineral powder.

clay grinding mill

ZENITH grinding mills break through the drawbacks of traditional grinding machines, solving the problems of low production, high energy consumption, and high maintenance costs, the product's various performance has reached advanced levels.

There are MTW series grinding mill, MTM series grinding mill, LM series vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, and XZM series ultrafine mill. The fineness can be adjusted according to customers’ production goals. They are both ideal grinding equipment for clay powder production. According to the needs of grinding projects with different fineness and production capacities, ZENITH provides professional configuration plans and recommends suitable grinding mill to meet the milling needs of clay ore powder projects.

Packaging stage

Packaging machine is suitable for powder and particle packaging. It features high precision and high speed, auto weighting, auto-clip bag and auto-seal. The package weight is 5-25kg or 10-50kg per bag.

Advantages of ZENITH clay processing plant

The assembly and installation of the processing plant is convenient and fast; High degree of automation, energy-saving labor cost investment.

The core grinding equipment is equipped with advanced technology, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can prevent the overflow of dust during the operation process, achieving green production.

The equipment in the clay processing plant has good quality, stable operation, and low failure rate.

The finished clay powder has excellent quality, good utilization effect, and improves the economic efficiency of the production line.

What can ZENITH do for you?

If you want to set up a clay processing plant, here are the things that ZENITH can do for you:

Before sale, ZENITH can provide detailed product introductions and electronic catalogs, recommend suitable models based on customer material handling requirements, and provide a detailed quotation list. At the same time, we can also provide videos about the production workshop and machine operation status of the factory for customers to watch;

After the customer places an order, the engineer needs to go to the customer's site for exploration and create a detailed process flow layout and foundation diagram.

Before leaving the factory, we will test run the equipment for 24 hours and provide detailed testing reports along with the equipment and instruments for shipment.

Upon arrival of the equipment at the site, we will arrange for a free after-sales engineer to be responsible for the customer's installation and debugging until the equipment is in normal production. We will also be responsible for training operators until the customer is fully capable of producing and operating on their own.

In summary, the processing technology and application of clay ore need to be selected and processed based on its performance requirements and application fields. Through reasonable processing technology and product application, the value of kaolin ore can be leveraged to provide support for the development of related industries.

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