5 Parameters In Impact Crusher That Affect Its Function

Impact crusher has high crushing ratio and efficiency, so it is widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical and some other industries. There are various parameters in impact crusher and these parameters are related with each other and affect the function of impact crusher together. In this case, knowing these parameters and making them have full play means a lot in improving the production rate and products quality of impact crusher. Here, we mainly introduce parameters in impact crusher that affects its function.

1. Diameter And Length Of Rotor

Generally, the diameter and length of rotor is related with the feeding size of raw material. While crushing the raw materials, we need enough impact force. In other words, the diameter and length of rotor should be proper. If the diameter of rotor is too small, we cannot get enough impact force to crush the raw materials. If the diameter of rotor is too small, the energy consumption will increase, which is no good to energy-saving. Generally, we adopt a formula to decide the diameter of rotor: D= (2-4) d

In this formula, D means the diameter of rotor and d means the max input size of raw material. And here they both should be calculated in millimeter.

2. Number Of Blow Bar

The more the number of blow bar, the better of the crushing efficiency. But too many blow bars will cause the production process very complicated and consumes much raw material. Normally, the number of blow bar is decided by the diameter of rotor. When the diameter or rotor is small, the number of blow bar is relatively less. Generally, when the diameter of rotor is below 1m, we can equip three blow bars; when the diameter of rotor is about 1-1.5m, we can equip 4-6 blow bars and when the diameter of rotor is about 1.5-2m, we can equip 6-10 blow bars.

3. Dip Angle Of Feeding Guide Plate

The raw materials enter the crushing cavity of impact crusher through the feeding guide plate, so the dip angle of feeding guide plate is a very important parameter affect impact crusher function. The smaller of the dip angle, the slower of the speed that raw materials glide. In this case, the raw materials can get fully crushed, and we can get high quality final products. But if the dip angle is too small, the production rate will decrease or even cause the raw materials piling up in the feed opening. The larger of the dip angle, the gliding speed of raw materials gets faster. In this case, the crushing efficiency will increase, but the raw materials cannot get fully crushed, affecting the quality of final products. Besides, if the dip angle increases, the height of impact crusher also will increase. Generally, the dip angle is between 45°-60°, if other factors meet requirements, we adopt the minimum dip angle.

4. Rotation Speed Of Rotor

The rotation speed of rotor is one of the important parameters in impact crusher. It plays decisive role in the production capacity, final products size and crushing ratio. Test shows that with the increasing of rotation speed of rotor, the production capacity and crushing ratio of impact crusher both greatly increase. But the power consumption will also increase along with the increasing of rotation speed of rotor. Besides, in this process, the damage of blow bar also accelerates and the requirement about manufacturing accuracy also increases.

5. Production Rate

The production rate of impact crusher is related with the rotation speed of rotor and the geometric parameter. When the raw materials are impacted by blow bar and get through the gap between rotor and impact plate, the width of raw material zone is equal to the length of rotor.

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