Impact Plate In Impact Crusher

The main function of impact plate in impact crusher is to bear the impact crushing of raw materials be shot from blow bar, and rebound the crushed raw materials back to the crushing area for second crushing. In this article, we focus on the overall introduction about impact plate in impact crusher.

Material Of Impact Plate

Impact plate is one of the main wear-resistant parts in impact crusher that bears strong impact force. Generally, we adopt high manganese steel as the material to make impact plate. According to the investigation about impact crusher with high manganese steel impact plate, its service life is relative short. The abrasive resistance should be improved. Some manufacturers adopt abrasive resistant plastic to wrap up the impact plate, or adopt cobblestone to replace the metallic surface to extend the service life of impact plate.

Shape Of Impact Plate

Besides the material of impact plate, the shape is also a very important factor to improve the abrasive resistance. There are many shapes of impact plate, the commonly used are circular-arc shaped and polyline shaped.

Circular-arc shaped impact plate: The circular-arc shaped impact plate can make the raw materials squeeze each other in the circle center and be crushed after being shot onto the impact plate. In this case, impact crusher with circular-arc shaped impact crusher has high crushing efficiency. Polyline shaped impact plate: For impact crusher with polyline shaped impact crusher, in the crushing process, part of the raw materials impact the impact plate vertically along the tangent line, which has obvious crushing effect. The other part of the raw materials cannot impact the impact plate vertically, so there is relative sliding between raw materials and impact plate, which extend the time that raw materials staying in the crushing cavity.

Compared with polyline shaped impact plate, the circular-arc shaped impact plate has higher crushing efficiency and better performance.

Suspension Device Of Impact Plate

The suspension device of impact plate is also the discharge opening adjustment device of impact crusher. At the same time, it can also protect the impact crusher. Generally, there are 3 types of the suspension device of impact plate in impact crusher: rod weight type, rod spring type and hydraulic type.

Rod weight type: In the working process of impact crusher, the impact plate keeps its normal position with the help of its weight. And when there is uncrushable material enter the crushing cavity, the impact plate is lifted. After the uncrushable material is discharged out from the impact crusher, the impact plate goes back to the original place. The gap can be adjusted by the hanging screw bolts.

Rod spring type: The position of impact plate while working is kept by the pre-stress of spring. When there is uncrushable material enters the crushing cavity of impact crusher, after overcoming the pre-stress of spring, the crushable material will be discharged from impact crusher. Generally, the spring can be screw type or combined type. Combined type spring can get larger space for the uncrushable material to go through by smaller compression deformation.

Hydraulic type: It mainly adjusts the position of impact plate by hydraulic system. At the same time, it can be used as protection device. This suspension device of impact plate is generally used in large scaled impact crusher.

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