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Factors Affect The Reliability Of Vibrating Screen


Material Control

First of all, because the working condition of vibrating screen is severe, so the choosing of material to make vibrating screen means a lot, especially for the key parts. But the quality of materials in the present market is intermingled, so manufacturers should choose raw material with high quality to make the vibrating screen and check the material chose.

Secondly, manufacturers should choose material according to the requirements of customers and file the certificate of the material for further analysis.

Manufacturing Accuracy Control

To control the manufacturing accuracy, besides shape& position control and roughness control, what’s more importantly, we need to control the welding deformation of the weld assembly. At present, manufacturers generally adopt C02 gas shielded arc welding, which cost lower capital and easier to install. If we adopt fine wire, the welding deformation will reduce and the welds have excellent rust-resistance and crack-resistance. So choosing proper welding methods according to the actual condition and adopting proper welding process is the base to solve the deformation problem.

Innerstress Control And Antiseptic Treatment

Firstly, in the producing process of deck base, there will be various kind of inner stress, which mainly are the heat stress produced by cutting, stress produced by the bending of bending parts and welding stress in welding elements. These stresses may produce damage effect when the vibrating screen vibrates. Likewise, the deck base will be corroded in the operation process of vibrating screen. Under the corrosion effect, it will cause the concentration of stress, leading to the reduction of fatigue strength.

Secondly, manufacturers should take effective measures to control the heat stress, such as plasma cutting etc. Thirdly, about the bending and welding stress control, relief annealing is the most effective method, which can also control the deformation. But the shortcoming is that this method will increase the investment capital.

Besides the above mentioned factors, the installation and maintenance of vibrating screen will also affect its reliability. So the manufacturer and customer should both do their best in the manufacturing and operating process of vibrating screen.

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