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How to avoid raw material blocking in cone crusher


Raw material blocking in cone crusher will cause the halt of cone crusher, wasting much time to clean the blocked raw material, produce serious affect to production. In this case, during the operation process of cone crusher, we should find solutions to reduce or avoid raw material blocking. In the following part, we mainly introduce how to avoid raw material blocking in cone crusher.

Check before production

Before starting cone crusher, check the following factors of cone crusher to ensure the normal running of cone crusher: check if the fastening parts are tight, check if the motor wire is correctly connected, check the tight condition of belt, check if the current at working site is normal, check if there is raw material or impurities in the crushing cavity and so on.

Feeding requirement

While feeding raw materials to cone crusher, we should pay attention to the following 2 aspects: the first one is to keep the raw materials are fed evenly and continuously. The second is that the properties of raw material should meet requirements. In other words, the size, hardness, moisture content of raw material should be proper to avoid blocking in cone crusher.

Deal with raw material before feeding

If the raw materials do not meet production requirements, operators should deal with them before feeding them to the feed opening of cone crusher. For example, blast bulk raw materials, pre-screen the raw materials with many fine powders, dry the raw materials with high moisture content and so on. All in all, we should ensure the dryness and purity of raw material.

Adjust discharge opening timely

The unsmooth discharging of cone crusher is one of the direct reasons that cause the blocking. In this case, during the operation process of cone crusher, operators should adjust the discharge opening timely according to the properties of raw material.

Reduce the worn of component parts

If the main crushing parts of the cone crusher are seriously damaged, the crushing effect of raw material will be reduced and the equipment will be blocked indirectly. Therefore in the production process, operators should pay attention to reduce the cone crusher wear, maintain cone crusher regularly, reduce raw material blocking to improve the cone crusher productivity.

In crushing plant, cone crusher plays very important role as secondary or fine crushing equipment. The raw material blocking will affect the production effect of the whole plant. Once found there is raw material blocking, operators should solve this in time.

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