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How to Configure the 600t/h Green Aggregate Production Line


The main equipment includes: vibrating screen, single cylinder cone crusher, multi cylinder cone crusher; aggregate shaping machine: vertical shaft impact crusher; sand making machine: superfine crushing sand making machine; grading powder control machine; pneumatic conveying system; dust collector, etc.

1) Transfer operation:

Materials (particle diameter: 10mm) are transported to the desilter by belt conveyor for desilting operation.

2) Desilting operation:

After the desilting operation by #1 vibrating screen group, two categories of materials are screened, namely earth rock powder and > 10mm ore, in which the earth rock powder is transported to the mud bin (2000t) by the belt conveyor, and the limestone slurry can be returned to the cement production line through the belt conveyor; the ore > 10mm is transported to the transfer bin (15000t) by the belt conveyor.

3) Fine crushing and shaping operation:

The ore is transported to #2 vibrating screen by belt conveyor at the bottom of bin, and the material is divided into 0 ~ 45mm and > 45mm ores. The 0-45mm ore is directly sent into the shaping sand making machine for shaping, and then transported to the vibrating screen of the screening building station through the belt surface; the materials >45mm are directly sent into the fine cone crusher for fine crushing operation, and the crushed materials enter the second screen again through the belt conveyor and bucket elevator.

4) Screening, sand making and grading adjustment of finished products:

After the shaped ore is transported to the bucket lift of the screening building station, it is transported from the bucket elevator to the #3 vibrating screen. After that, it is divided into five kinds of products, namely 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-21.5mm, 21.5-31.5mm, > 31.5mm.

0-5mm materials are transported to grading adjustment by belt conveyor; 5-10mm products can be directly transported to the finished product warehouse (30000t) by the belt conveyor, and can also be directly transported into the sand making machine for sand making operation, and then transported to the #2 vibrating screen by the belt conveyor; the products of 10-21.5mm are directly transported to the finished product warehouse (10000t); the products of 21.5-31.5mm are directly transported to the finished product warehouse (4 0000t); > 31.5mm products are transported to the #2 vibrating screen by belt conveyor.

5) Automatic loading operation:

The finished sand and aggregate in the finished product warehouse can be transported to the loading building station by the belt conveyor at the bottom of the bin for automatic loading operation.

6) Dust collection operation:

The dust collected by the dust collector is wet mixed by the wet mixer, and then transported to the desilting belt conveyor and sent to the sludge bin.

The dust generated from fine crushing cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine), #2 and #3 vibrating screen and finished product warehouse enters into the dust collector, which is purified by the dust remover and discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. The dust concentration of the discharged gas is less than 10mg/m³, which meets the national emission standard.

Natural sand resources have been strictly controlled. It is an inevitable trend that manufactured sand will replace natural sand. At the same time, mining and sand making is also developing towards standardization and intensification. The new intelligent environmental protections sand and aggregates production line is the future trend of development, high performance sand making machines are absolutely necessary.

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