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Sand Making Machine Price


Sand making machine is the common production equipment of sand making plant. It needs to cooperate with other equipment to meet the production requirements of different users. The question many users are concerned about is how much a set of sand making machine will cost.

The complete set of sand making machine will be more expensive than a single one. For the complete set of sand making machine, the equipment configuration is more perfect, the quality of the manufactured sand is better, environmental protection is higher, and the price is more expensive. A complete set of sand making machine quotation in 300,000-5,000,000, the larger the sand making plant, the higher the quotation.

ZENITH produce all kinds of sand making machine for 30+ years. To get specific full set of sand machine price, you can directly click, the highest can enjoy more than 10,000 yuan discount. Our sales managers provide details list for you, and combined with the investment budget selection, free customized sand equipment for your production plan. We also supply free installation, commissioning services and professional technical training.

The price of a complete set of sand making machine on the market is hundreds of thousands, and there is a big price difference and instability. So what factors lead to the price difference?

1. Cost Input

The input of cost will directly affect the price of a set of sand making machine. Generally speaking, a lot of manpower and financial resources are needed for R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. The higher the cost is, the higher the price positioning will be. On the contrary, the lower the price positioning will be.

2. Specifications & Models

The different specifications and models of sand making machine have different prices. The model of large equipment to material adaptability, output and high efficiency, the price will be slightly higher. This kind of sand making machine is more suitable for large processing plants. Accordingly, the small one is more suitable for small and medium-sized sand processing plants, the price is relatively cheap.

3. Quality

High-quality sand making machine has stable performance, lower failure rate, and it can create high benefits. Because of high manufacturing cost, so the price is expensive.

4. Supply & Demands

It will indirectly affect the quotation. When the manufacturer’s supply is greater than the user’s demand, the equipment is unmarketable, the price falls. On the contrary, if the manufacturer’s supply is less than the user’s demands, the price will rise.

ZENITH is a manufacturer of sand making machine with good technology and large scale. Why can we provide customers with quality equipment and at the same time give a more reasonable price? Because we are factory outlet, and no middlemen, so the price is more affordable.

ZENITH provides perfect and meticulous service process for you. Welcome to consult quotation or visit the factory in Shanghai!

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