How to Make Concrete Admixture?

Concrete is made of a certain proportion of mixing of cement, water, sand and gravel aggregate. The structure of it is simple and low-quality, and it is not stable. Therefore, concrete admixture is very important as part of improving concrete performance.

Why are admixtures added to concrete? – To protect environment.

Traditional concrete technology cannot effectively use industrial wastes, resulting in a large number of dust emissions and environmental pollution. The new green concrete technology, based on the traditional foundation, adds a small amount of concrete water reducer as the representative admixture and mixes with finely ground fly ash, slag, steel slag and other admixtures. Therefore, it can reduce the amount of concrete cement and emission, save energy and protect environment.

So how to make more better concrete admixture?

1. The key technical index of admixture

(1) Fineness 45um sieve residue or specific surface area

(2) Moisture content

(3) Fluidity ratio

(4) Sulfur trioxide content

(5) Chloride ion content

(6) Water demand ratio

(7) Loss on ignition

(8) Free calcium oxide content

(9) 28-day activity index

2. To choose a better processing equipment

The key to the process of concrete admixture is grinding and sorting. The main recommended grinding mill is LM Vertical Grinding Mill.

The LM Vertical Grinding Mill, launched by ZENITH, integrates five functions of crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying and material conveying. It is characterized by centralized technological process, small occupational area, low investment, high efficiency, energy conservation and environment protection. It is the ideal equipment in the grinding industry. The materials it can grind: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

concrete vertical grinding mill

LM Vertical Grinding Mill achieves lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, as well as lower abrasion and easier checks of core parts, saving operating costs greatly. Its occupational area is about 50% of that of the ball-milling system. The LM grinding mill can also be arranged outdoors, which greatly reduces the investment cost.

With the development of concrete admixture technology, more and more investors realize the importance of environment protection. As the most important equipment to grind mill, ZENITH’s grinding mills adopt new technology to save energy and reduce pollution.

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