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Which Sand Making Machine Is Better for Crush Stone?


People in the sand and stone industry all know, at present stone is broken basically use two kinds of production line: stationary sand making plant and mobile sand making plant. So in the material crushing application, which is better for us to use, the stationary sand making machine or the mobile sand making machine?

1. Stationary Sand Making Plant

(1) Flexible Configuration

Before the construction, the stationary sand making plant will be designed according to the production needs of customers with flexible configuration and diversified choices. A sand making plant can meet various production requirements. By matching different types of crushing equipment, different materials can be handled with a wide range of treatment.

stationary sand making plant

(2) Strong Capacity

A stationary sand machine plant can be equipped with multiple crushing equipment for production. The production capacity of the equipment can reach 1000t/h, and the material processing capacity is strong. Besides the crushing function, the sand-making machine also has the shaping effect. The finished product has good granulation type and high production efficiency.

But the stationary sand making plant generally has the request to the site. Its flexibility is poor, and its construction period is relatively long. If the crushing project is selected in the place where the raw materials are abundant or the supply of goods is stable, we can consider the investment of construction which is suitable for the crushing and processing of limestone, basalt, granite, cobblestone and other hard rocks.

mobile sand making plant

2. Mobile Sand Making Plant

(1) Quick to Production

After it is delivered to the project site, it can be put into operation with simple debugging. The construction cycle is greatly shortened and the time cost is reduced.

(2) Save Time & Cost

The mobile sand making plant does not need to build the base of stationary plant, which not only reduces the early investment of the project, but also eliminates the secondary investment cost of the demolition project after the completion of the project. It can save time and effort, and it’s benefits to energy conservation and environmental protection.

(3) Flexible Delivery

Mobile sand making machine can move flexibly and is almost free from site restrictions. It is flexible to move to another project after the end of one project and has strong adaptability.

In order to facilitate the movement, compared with the stationary sand making plant, its design and matching is more limited. Therefore, it is generally suitable for small output environmental protection production. In addition to limestone and other conventional materials, it is often used for crushing construction waste that is not very concentrated, high mobility requirements of the material origin.

In conclusion, the stationary sand making plant has a wide range of processing materials, higher output. And mobile sand making plant has flexible transition, less investment in energy conservation and benefit for environmental protection. Both have their own application scenarios, and customers should choose according to their actual production needs.

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