How to Choose Sand Making Machine?

The phenomenon of COVID-19 in China has been getting better, and the market of sand and gravel industry has been warming. So, the sand price has been getting attention again. So do sand making machine.

Today, we will talk about the price of sand and aggregate after COVID-19, and how to choose a high-quality sand making machine.

Under the influence of COVID-19, the transportation of imported sand is restricted, and the supply of sand and gravel in the mainland is in short supply and the price is soaring. Therefore, the use of stone to make sand has become a considerable choice to ease the current contradiction between supply and demand.

According to the latest data, the sand pricein some areas in China in 2020 are as follows:

1. Qingdao: natural sand 167 RMB/t, manufactured sand 110 RMB/t.

2. The sand (10-20mm) pricealong the Xijiang river reaches 109 RMB/t at the highest.

3. Changsha city manufactured sand: 100 RMB/t, yellow sandandcrude sand: 140 RMB/t, Shanghai: natural sand86 RMB/ t, manufactured sand 103 RMB/t.

4. The sand price in the upper reaches of the Yangtze river in Sichuan is as high as 121 RMB/t. Zigong city: manufactured sand 130 RMB/t, gravel (10-30mm) 127 RMB/t.

5. Sand price in coastal areas of Fujian province are generally stable, with 75 RMB/t of manufactured sand.

In addition to the relevant procedures, the most important is the choice of sand making machine, after all, the quality of the sand making machine directly determines the output and quality of finished products. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting sand making machine:

1. High Efficiency

sand making machine
sand making machine
sand making equipment

High production efficiency not only means high output, but also high quality of finished products. High yield and high quality, to have a competitive advantage, sell at a good price.

Taking ZENITH's VSI6X sand making machine as an example, it is equipped with the crushing forms of “rock on rock” and “rock on iron”, which significantly improves the crushing efficiency of sand making machine.

2. Stable & Easy Maintenance

sand making machine parts
sand making machine wear parts
sand making equipment

Good sand making machine not only makes money, it also saves money -- it runs longer and costs less to maintain. Frequent failures in the production process will pay expensive money for maintenance, and extend time of the disassembly and maintenance. Therefore, the sand making machinewith long service life and disassembly configuration of the key wearing parts is preferred for better production results.

The market recognizes stone sand making and the policy encourages the development of stone sand making, which is the double guarantee of sand price. More sand industry information and related details of sand making machine, you are welcome to consult online staff, ZENITH at your service.

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