Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill

The ultrafine grinding mill can be used in many kinds of materials' grinding production line. The calcium carbonate is the main material involved in mineral ore material and it can be used to be grinded by ultrafine grinding mill and then used in many other applications. Here will analysis the grinded calcium carbonate application.

ultrafine mill
ultrafine grinding mill
calcium carbonate ultrafine mill

Ultrafine Grinding Mill Application

The calcium carbonate grinded by ultrafine grinding mill can be used in the following industries: rubber industry, plastics industry, coating industry, paper industry, building industry of dry powder mortar and concrete manufacturing industry as well as fire protection industry and so on. Calcium carbon used in different industries has different requirements.

Calcium Carbonate Used In Different Industries

Rubber industry: the grinded calcium carbonate can be used in rubber industry and the fineness is 400mesh. Used in this industry, calcium carbon can increase rubber's volume and improve the rubber processing characteristics. It will play half-reinforce and reinforce function. At the same time, the calcium carbon used in rubber industry can adjust the hardness of rubber and increase its durability.

Plastic industry: when the calcium carbon grinded by ultrafine grinding mill into 400mesh, it can be used in plastic industry. Calcium carbon can increase plastic products stability and the hardness. It can make the plastic more beautiful and durability for improving the plastic products surface gloss and evenness.

Water paint industry: ultrafine grinding mill can grind the calcium carbonate into 800mesh or 1000mesh and this powder can be used in water paint production. It will make the paint has good gloss.

Paper industry: grinding calcium carbonate into 325mesh powder and they can be used in paper making industry. This calcium carbonate can guarantee paper strength and reduce the costs.

Building industry: it can be used to produce dry-mixed mortar and concrete. It can reduce the operation costs and increase products hardness.

Fire protection industry: grinding the calcium carbonate into 600mesh and it can be used in fire protection industry. It can enhance ceiling whiteness and brightness and make the products more beautiful.

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