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Portable Crushing Plant helps Construction Waste Recycling


China's construction waste output will reach a peak in the next few years due to large-scale old city renovation and accelerated urbanization. Construction waste disposal and recycling is a way to solve the urban construction waste siege with both economic and social benefits. In the process of disposal, portable crusher plant plays an important role because of its convenience, high efficiency and large capacity.

Portable crushing plant is a series of crushing equipment for rock and construction waste, which is widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, expressway, railway, road and bridge construction and other industries. It truly provides customers with efficient and low-cost hardware facilities for project operation.

portable crusher plant
portable crushing plant
portable construction crusher

For construction waste removal, portable crusher plant, of course, is much better than traditional crushers. By using it, people can initially dispose the construction waste at the site where it is generated, and transport the recycled aggregate to the aggregate in-depth treatment center for reprocessing, which can not only reduce the transportation cost, but also reduce the impact on the environment.In addition, portable crushing plant can shorten the preparation time, no fixed crushing plant site selection, planning, environmental protection and other procedures brought about by the long construction cycle.

Portable crusher integrates vibrating feeder, crusher, screening system, sundry sorting device and transmission mechanism, etc. It is equal to a mobile plant. The structure of it is as following:

1. Vibrating feeder

The main function of vibrating feeder is to evenly feed and improve the working condition of crusher.Generally choose bar feeder, in the material is subjected to vibration, sliding forward into the crusher, those small particles of construction waste, will fall from the gap between the bar, play the role of screening.

2. Crushers

Crusher is the core part of portable crushing plant, mainly responsible for crushing construction waste. As construction waste belongs to medium hardness materials, no viscosity.As for water content, itdoesn’t have too high requirements, so generally meet the requirements of stone crushing equipment can be applied to the portable crusher plant of construction waste recycling.

3. Screening system

In order to ensure the quality of recycled aggregate after crushing, secondary crushing is needed for those whose particle size cannot meet the requirements after primary crushing. It requires adding a screening system to screen the concrete blocks with larger particles and sending them back to the crusher for re-crushing, so as to ensure the crushing quality of construction waste.

4. Walking mechanism

The portable walking mechanism has a high chassis and a small turning radius, which is convenient for driving on ordinary roads. Vehicle-mounted generator sets can provide a continuous source of power for the equipment.

5. Sundry sorting device

The content of sundries in construction wastes is more, such as waste iron, wood, glass and waste plastic, especially in reinforced concrete, waste steel, waste iron wire is more, so it is necessary to install a sundries sorting device in portable crushing plant, to eliminate the impact of waste steel, waste iron wire on the performance of recycled concrete aggregate.

Last, a mention for you: If your budget is limited, the best choice for you is portable crushing plant not mobile crushing plant. Because the portable crushing plant price is lower than another.

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