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Cause Jaw Crusher Is Less Than Expected


Jaw crusher, whether in the process for which the material, any problems that arise, will cause a decline in productivity, or damage to the aircraft itself, so we need to carry out regular maintenance for aircraftand maintenance, is to reduce the failure to extend the service life, and for the failure has occurred, you will need to find its cause in time, this is to introduce a jaw crusher when in use, the phenomenon less than expected, is howgoing problem.

First of all, the reason less than expected

For the production process for machine analysis can be found, a phenomenon which is less than expected, mainly associated with the material, when the humidity is high or the material feed speed, the feed containing iron or the like foreign matterwhen less than expected will cause phenomena, which impact three jaw crusher production, mainly as follows:

1, feed humidity, this mainly refers to the moisture content of the material is large, or the material is mixed with the mud, etc., when the phenomenon will cause the jaw crusher card material, a phenomenon such that the minerals can notsmooth production, resulting in the phenomenon of crushed material stuck in the cavity stuck atop materials;

2, feed speed faster, because different types of jaw crusher device processing capacity is limited, in production, when the various aspects of the parameter set time, if the fast feed speed is set, then the lower chamber of the deviceplot material too, clogging the discharge opening, then the phenomenon of less than expected;

3, the iron-containing compound and other foreign matter, when the jaw crusher normal operation, when added to the feedstock if not crushed material can not be picked wherein the iron and the like, the jaw will cause some of the pieces of apparatusinjury, thus affecting the case of material;

Second, the solution is less than expected

The reason jaw crusher of the above analysis it is less than expected, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to strictly control the nature of the materials or components of the material, the humidity of the material or which comprisesafter reentry remove foreign matter material, Then the speed of the feed, to ensure continuous and uniform feeding speed can not be too fast or too slow, so jaw crusher crushing to work smoothly.

Questions about jaw crusher why less than expected, we were introduced three reasons, and analyzes the solutions to these reasons, in fact, reasonable action is to reduce the production of jaw crusher equipment failures, improve their production efficiencyeffective programs.

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