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Causes Of Dust From Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher is an important choice for ore crushing processing equipment. During the crushing process, a large amount of dust will be generated and diffused into the air, which will not only damage the ecological environment, but also seriously endanger the health of employees. Let us take a look at the jaw crusher The cause of dust.

What is the reason for the dust produced by the jaw crusher?

1. Analysis of dust point of jaw crusher: The dust source of jaw crusher mainly comes from the supply port, discharge port and conveying system. The material to be processed is squeezed and crushed by the crusher, and then conveyed to the next step by the conveyor. In the process, a large amount of dust is generated, the concentration is very high, it is pulled by the air flow, and the dust source is spread to the surroundings, causing serious dust pollution.

2. Causes of dust at the supply port

The jaw crusher is not a completely closed device. Dust overflow will occur during the supply process, and it is inevitable to generate high-concentration dust around the supply port.

3. Causes of dust at the outlet

The broken stone needs to enter the conveyor belt through the discharge port. Due to the steps between the supply port and the discharge port, while some of the stone flows into the air, the coal powder is also rolled up during the movement of the conveyor belt and diffuses to the surrounding.

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