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Mobile Crusher Outlet Size Measurement


Basalt, granite, diabase, limestone, sandstone, and the production line, such as wear plates, wear parts such as hammers and to counter very high. Thus, in the design of mobile crusher during crushing, the main task of crushing using a laminator to reduce the principle of the wear parts wear. A typical two-stage laminating device is configured to interrupt E or E configuration interrupt process and the cone crusher. Accordingly, the mobile crusher also a material having high hardness. Wide range of applications.

After adjusting the movement of the crusher outlet, outlet size may be measured by a rotation method. Gently lift the adjustment ring is inserted into the mobile crusher crushing chamber spraying, and accurately adjust the relative position of the four along the circumference of the crushing chamber discharge port. When the discharge port is adjusted to meet the size requirements, the need to lock the adjustment ring together with the key cylinder to start the movement of the crusher again.

It should be noted that, when adjusting the discharge port, the discharge port is not less than the size of a predetermined size. If the metal lines are contaminated during adjustment, it is difficult to rotate the adjustment ring, and the need to add the oil lubrication. If the work site is not a lubricant, let a small amount of ore fed into the mobile crusher, and then turn the adjustment ring.

Mobile crusher design having a novel design principle. It uses a new concept of crushing technology, to meet the different specifications crushing materials, and meet "and more broken and less grinding" new process requirements. The machine not only high breakage rate and small particle size, low unit energy consumption. Crushed material moisture content is not high, are also suitable for crushing any hard brittle materials, various minerals can be used for crushing. The aircraft proved its good prospect in mineral processing field through large-scale projects. Further, the mobile crusher crushed material of high yield, high production capacity. The machine's unique design greatly reduces maintenance costs and maintenance cost of the machine, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and reduce the machine's production costs.

Mobile crusher apparatus for crushing ore to become a high hardness material. Crushing demanding high hardness material (e.g. basalt, granite, diabase, limestone, etc.) should be used when the mobile crusher material. The reason is that in the conventional production process of low hardness material fracture, and such a high hardness and wear diabase large. Mobile crusher is for crushing ores and rocks of medium hardness hardness and crushing equipment.

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