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The Impact Of Climate On Sand Making Equipment Operation


As the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau unique geographical and climatic conditions, the impact of construction sand making equipment is mainly reflected in the power system, transmission, brake systems, hydraulic systems, equipment, appearance, spare parts supply and repair maintenance.Among them, affect the power system at risk.

1. The impact of hydraulic and transmission system.

Under standard load, the engine load of the hydraulic drive system and is a fixed value, it will not increase with altitude changes.Due to the foregoing, the influence on engine performance plateau, and matching the hydraulic drive system of the engine is changed, the characteristics of the engine toward the low speed high torque direction.And decreased engine performance by matching the double impact of inaccurate and equipment towing capacity and speed drop, the performance of the device unable to work, slow movement, heat, increased fuel consumption, emissions deterioration, resulting in overall power, economy and productionefficiency in serious decline.

2. The impact of climate on the plateau of Cold Start

Pressure drop, resulting in reduced air charge, the compression end pressure and compression end temperature decreases, the engine ignition delay prolonged, resulting in difficulty in starting.Battery energy storage and discharge capacity decreased, also an important factor affecting the performance starts.In accordance with national standards, battery nominal capacity is calibrated at 30 deg.] C temperature conditions, when the temperature is below this value, decreasing by 1 ℃, the battery capacity decreases (slow discharge time) of 1% to 1.5% at a temperature of 30 deg.] Cunder the conditions, the battery capacity is only 40% 30 ℃ turtle capacity.Under normal circumstances, the discharge of the battery power of 50%, after 6 hours can be charged up to the rated capacity; and in a 10 ℃, the same degree of discharge of the battery can only be charged with the same amount of time to 60% of the rated capacity, and the temperaturelow worse chargeability.Increased oil viscosity at low temperatures, decreased ability to work the oil pump, low temperature cold start moving force could easily lead to a rigid engine block and piston wear and shorten engine life.

3. The air filter problem

High altitudes, greater than atmospheric dust content at lower altitudes, the engine intake resistance increases, less intake air amount, both to increase the intake resistance of the engine, so that power is reduced; also increases the maintenance frequency and difficulty (air filter must be cleaned daily.Ching, a take up normal working hours), shorten the service life of air filter.Filtration efficiency decreases, will also lead to early wear and engine overhaul period in advance.

4. Effect on the rubber seal and

Plateau durability, and rubber tube seals used, chipping resistance is far lower than the low altitude regions, especially in the open air works crusher equipment, more prominent influence.Mainly as follows: a low temperature seal aging, leading to strong ultraviolet radiation easy to aging rubber tube, the tube easy to burst.

5. Effect of the operator

Humans on the plateau can withstand the intensity of labor is less than 60% at low altitude, relative to the low altitude areas, the work of staff continuity and efficiency deteriorates.

6. Other effects

Metallic materials and welding parts easy to produce at low temperatures cold environment cold brittleness; strong ultraviolet rays cause premature aging equipment coating; inaccessible highlands same type of equipment, especially imported equipment to maintain less, away from manufacturers and authorized dealers, zeroparts supply difficulties, large-scale maintenance services is difficult to timely follow-up.

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