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Gangue in coal mining, coal washing process emissions from solid waste, coal gangue in most cases are treated as industrial waste, in recent years, affected by a variety of efficient use of waste, gangue has a new way -- the production of sand.

How gangue produced sand quality, it depends on the quality of coal gangue and sand quality equipment.Different Sand different production process, the production of the finished product of coal gangue sand, the quality is not the same.Generally mechanisms sand produced uniformity, plasticity, less flakiness, compression, and permeability, no additional processing, can be used for the basic building sands.

First, gangue sand production line equipment

Gangue include sand production line feeder, crusher, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine, tailings recycling machines and other equipment, the main characteristics of the production of high-yield production, and efficient production processenvironmental protection, easy to operate, intelligent, sand production can replace natural sand out of the sand used in the construction job, a higher utilization rate in the sand process.

Second, gangue sand making equipment buying tips

Industry specializing in surgery, sand making equipment purchase is recommended Gangue choose a large, professional manufacturers, the following are some of the purchase experience for everyone:

1. to understand the actual production needs

In the purchase of sand production line needs to understand their production, the particle size and space requirements, etc., according to their needs and select later fixed or mobile Sand Sand, different sand making apparatus, the type,prices vary.

2. the manufacturers select the appropriate

The proposed purchase choice of profession, when large-scale sand making equipment manufacturers, not only can guarantee the quality, as well as the appropriate service can be a way of saving maintenance costs later.

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