ZENITH’s Vertical Grinding Mill Enter the European Market

2020-12-25 10:19:50

Summary:It’s very nice. All equipment of our plant is from ZENITH. They are a big company so we have faith in them. In addition, we have known they have built several crushing plants in Dubai and we can visit them on site. We have been well served during this process and the plant is very high efficient.

This company belongs to ZENITH’s regular customer, who is a European company specializing in production and sales of building materials. Its main products include building materials such as tile glue, cement mortar, hardener, waterproof sealing material, thermal insulation material, plaster of paris.

They have cooperated with ZENITH since 2010, and successively purchased several MTM160 trapezoidal mills and MTW175 European trapezoidal mills from ZENITH for three times in ten years. Because of the trust in ZENITH’s products and services, they ordered another LM240N large-scale vertical grinding mill in December of this year for grinding cement clinker.

This customer bought a complete set of cement clinker grinding plant, which includes LM vertical mill, matched fan and dust collector. The model and configuration of vertical grinding mill were finally determined after several optimizations. This cooperation achieved a historic breakthrough in which vertical mill technology originated from Europe and the equipment was sold back to Europe now. It has made ZENITH brand famous in developed European countries.

In addition, the N series vertical grinding mills developed by ZENITH have many models, mainly suitable for processing hard materials such as cement clinker, slag, and cinder.