Uncover the Enterprise Story Behind High-end Mining Machinery

1. What is the gap of mining machinery industry between China and the developed countries?

Chinese development speed forces sand and aggregates industry to continue to develop towards large-scale, industrialization and green growth. As the core of medium crushing and fine crushing in the field of hard rock and metal ore crushing, the demand for cone crushers with high production capacity and large crushing ratio is increasing in China. In this context, as the core enterprise of China's mining machinery manufacturing, after fully investigating the market demand of domestic mining machine models, ZENITH made an important decision to conquer the technological natural moat of high-end cone crusher, and win the high-end cone crusher market.

After more than 300 days and nights of efforts, more than 1000 drawings have been repeatedly pondered and adjusted, and more than 1000 components of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher have finally been assembled together. After 12 hours of test run and 6 months of on-site inspection, it successfully broke through 410 rpm and reached the international standard. A high-performance multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, which was completely independently developed and produced, was finally successfully put into the production.

2. From the domestic to the global, how can traditional manufacturing take advantage of the Internet?

Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, based on excellent products and services, ZENITH group has won the recognition and praise of customers from all over the world, and the company's export volume has been ranked first in the industry for many years.

At the same time, in the global competition, ZENITH’s strength has been continuously enhanced, which enables ZENITH group to increase R & D investment and cooperate with more international industry experts, so as to continuously improve the quality of each product, improve the industrial technology level, and help the transformation from "made-in-China" to "created-in-China".

3. Listen to the voice of service engineers and explore the footprints of Chinese mining machinery to the world

If you need to travel around the world in your job, have you ever thought about how many countries and regions you will go to?

"I don't know much about others, but I've traveled through 46 countries and regions. If I can, I want to go to more places.” engineer Wang said, a technical service engineer of ZENITH group.

With China's advanced green mining technology slowly catching up with international standards, and with the rapid development of ZENITH group, ZENITH advanced mining machinery and technology have been exported to more than 170 countries and regions in the world. More and more technical engineers like Engineer Wang go abroad, promoting the construction and operation of one mine project after another, witnessing the footprints of China's mining machinery to the world.

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