ZENITH XZM Ultrafine Grinding Mill Helps the Operation of Magnesium Oxide Project

It is reported that the project investor is the main domestic production enterprise of functional refractory and amorphous refractory. This project is mainly to process magnesium oxide into high-density and high-purity magnesium oxide for the production of refractory materials.

But compared with the conventional milling project, this project is more difficult. On the one hand, as raw materials, the chemical properties of magnesium oxide are unstable. During the grinding process, magnesium oxide material is easy to absorb moisture in the air and then stick in the grinding mill, resulting in a series of problems such as blockage and production reduction. So it is more difficult to process than other kinds of materials. On the other hand, the project is located in Qinghai Province, with an altitude of 1800-2000 meters. Different from the plain area, the rarefied air at higher altitude is the natural normal. In order to ensure stable operation, performance requirements for the fan are very high.

After many investigations, the project investment enterprise decided to cooperate with ZENITH. In the early stage of the project construction, ZENITH arranged a "one-to-one" project manager for detailed communication. After comprehensively considering the site, final product quality, environmental protection and other factors, ZENITH formulated a targeted construction scheme for the project.

On the one hand, in order to solve the problems caused by special materials, the 8 sets of ZENITH XZM ultrafine grinding mills assembled in the project have undergone professional treatment and process optimization design, including the pipelines are sprayed with special materials, increasing circulating air in the system to reduce the material viscosity; in addition, the injection ash cleaning device is added on the analyzer to avoid the grinding mill blockage. On the other hand, in view of the objective conditions such as lack of air on the plateau, special fans which are famous brand in Shanghai are applied in the project, to further improve the operation stability and energy saving of the production line, and effectively avoid the adverse impact of plateau environment.

In this project, ZENITH construction solution of XZM ultrafine grinding mill not only solves the problems of raw materials easy sticking and unstable operation at high altitude, but also realizes  cost reducing and efficiency increasing through automatic centralized control system, which is recognized by enterprises.

As a well-known Chinese grinding mill equipment and service provider, ZENITH has always adhered to the point-to-point problem solution, face-to-face implementation of customer needs. ZENITH helps customers achieve a better customer vision with a complete set of milling solutions; and solve customers' worries with a one-to-one whole process service system. ZENITH always devoted to provide better grinding solutions for customers all over the world.

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