ZENITH Will Attend SITP 2017

The International Engineering and Machinery Exhibition in Algeria (SITP), sponsored by the ministry of Public Works of Algeria, is the biggest and the most professional one in Algeria among all its exhibitions about public works and machinery. It is held once each year. With the theme of “ The public works projet – the development and modernization”, this year’s exhibition will creat a good platform of cooperation amongs the construction enterprises, manufacturers of equipments, instituts of design and traning institutions and will promote the development of the public works construction in Algeria. The exhibition 2017 will have a space of 24,900 square meters and 405 enterprise exhibitors among which there are 168 foreign enterprises belonging to 19 countries. Indonisia will have the most enterprises, which is 43; for the other countries, Italy will have 35, Germany 33, France 28, Portugal 16, China 12, as well as Korea, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Mongolia, India, the USA and so on will respectively have one. The products that will be exhibited are units of machines as well as spare parts in the mining and construction industry. During the exhibition, the minister of Public Works in Algeria and the embassador of the People’s Republique of China will be present for visiting.

Basic information of the exhibition :
Name : The International Engineering and Machinery Exhibition in Algeria in November, 2017 ( SITP 2017 )
No. of booth : C-CCPIT-MSC 05
Date : From 28th November to 02nd December 2017
Adress : Palais des Expositions, Pins Maritimes, Algiers, Algeria
Contacts : Xu Hailing, Yu Yang, Wang Xuejiao
Fax : 0086-21-58385887
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.safex.dz/

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