How Does MTW Mill Promote Diversified Development of Coal?

To promote strategic adjustment of the economic structure is the main thrust of accelerating transformation of economic development mode. To take a new road to industrialization and speed up transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, it is necessary to emphasize promoting green development, circular development and low-carbon development, thus forming environmentally-friendly spatial patterns, industry structures, production modes and lifestyles. As an important part of national economy, the coal industry has also entered the transformation and upgrading of diversified development.

The status quo of conventional coal use leads to a defective economic environment:
China abounds with coal resources; such “black gold” is praised as industrial food and becomes one of the mainly used energy in the world. The coal has long been supplied as industrial fuel, such as thermal power plant, iron and steel industry, pulverized coal boiler and so on, but has also brought about a series of problems.

1. Apart from low coal combustion efficiency and large energy waste, coal combustion will produce lots of smoke dust and such hazardous substance as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and organic compounds and dust, which have caused serious environmental pollution and climate deterioration.

2. During the traditional coal combustion, the coal gangue will be directly discharged, which will not only waste energy, but also cause environmental pollution. So it is necessary to deal with coal gangue before comprehensive utilization.

The gist for coal’s diversified development promoted by MTW Euro-type Mill:
The key is to improve coal utilization efficiency and achieve diversified development. The so-called diversified development means expanding a purpose to various purposes, converting a utilization mode into more economical utilization modes. For example, when the coal is grinded into powder for combustion, the combusting efficiency of coal can be greatly enhanced, which is the same for the coal gangue after being crushed and grinded for new building materials.

To satisfy high technological requirements on coal grinding in markets, Shanghai ZENITH has absorbed the most up-to-date grinding technology and concept of Europe. On the basis of long-term mill R&D experience and advice of 9518 mill users, ZENITH has developed the upgraded MTW euro-type trapezoid mill to better satisfy the needs of coal grinding. So, how does MTW euro-type trapezoid mill promote the diversified development of coal?


1. Coal gangue powder grinding: the coal gangue is grinded into different fineness through MTW Euro-type Mill as raw materials in power plant, building materials and chemical engineering to achieve comprehensive utilization.

2. Coal dust: according to relevant research, coal powder can greatly enhance combusting efficiency and improve operating efficiency of small and medium-sized coal-fired boiler to over 80%, which can thus reduce the emission of noxious gas, namely the dual benefits of economic environment.

3. Coal ash: it is the fine ash collected from smoke dust of coal combustion and the major solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plant. The coal ash is resourceful and cheap; it contains lots of active ingredients, so it can produce coal ash of different grades after the grinding of MTW euro-type mill to satisfy the secondary utilization requirements in such industries as building materials, metallurgy and chemical engineering.

According to the principal engineer of Shanghai ZENITH Euro-type Mill, this type of mill is equipped with such incomparable virtues as bevel gear transmission as a whole, internal oil lubricating system, online measuring of oil temperature; meanwhile, this mill has obtained multiple independent patented technological property rights and reached the internationally advanced technology level. So, it has contributed a lot to enhancing coal milling efficiency and boosting diversified development of coal.


Shanghai ZENITH MTW Euro-type Mill

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