"Angels & Demons" Performed on Mid-Autumn Festival

2010-09-26 14:56:34

Summary:To celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival, ZENITH specially held a stage play themed by "Angels & Demons". It brought happiness to ZENITH staffs.

Zenith staff performed stage play "Angels & Demons" on the eve of mid-autumn festival. It was highly praised and favorably commented by company leaders and colleagues. Zenith′s cultural life has become increasingly rich and colorful.

"Angels & Demons" Plot:

When a murder of a physicist, Leonardo Vetra, finds a symbolist, Robert Langdon, and Mr. Vetra's daughter, Vittoria, on an adventure for a secret brotherhood, The Illuminati. Clues lead them all around the Vatican, including the four alters of science, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. An Assassin, working for the Illuminati, has captured four cardinals, and murders each, painfully. Robert and Vittoria also are searching for a new very destructive weapon that could kill millions