How Much Is A Complete Configuration of Limestone Crushing Plant?

How much is a ton of limestone? What equipment does it take to break limestone? What is the limestone crushing process? Many questions about limestone means lots of investors care about it. It also improves that invest on limestone crushing is a true choice.

limestone crushing plant
Limestone Crushing Plant Configuration
limestone crusher machine

Limestone crushing machines must be required to process limestone. According to the size of limestone(raw ore), different kinds of crushing equipment can be selected. Limestone crushing equipment, screen, feeder and conveyor can be composed of complete limestone crushing plant. So, how much does a complete set of limestone crushing plant configuration cost?

Limestone Crushing Plant Configuration

1. Crushers: According to the limestone characteristics, generally choose jaw crusher, hammer crusher. A crushing plant can be configured with one or more crushers.

2. Screen: The finished products processed by the crusher can be screened out of different specifications. Circular vibrating screen is a common screening machine.

3. Feeder: It is responsible for the limestone(raw ore) into the crushing chamber of the crusher. The feeder can realize automatic feeding, which can save labor cost.

4. Conveyor: It is responsible for the transportation of materials. Several conveyor belts in a limestone crushing plant need to be combined with working conditions and processing requirements.

Crushing Process

The bulk limestone is first put into the crushing chamber of the coarse crusher by the feeding machine and processed to below 100mm by the coarse crusher. Then the finished products are put into the screening machine. The qualified ones are put into the fine crusher. Those that do not meet the requirements are screened out by the sieve machine and sent back to the fine crushing machine for further crushing until they are qualified. The finished products are transported to the piling ground or silos by the conveyor belt.

Depending on the specific configuration, the total price of limestone crushing plant varies from hundreds of thousands to millions. To get specific price, you can consult of ZENITH.

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