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Crusher Notes


1. to ensure a solid installed base of

When installing the crusher, choose a hard smooth surface, after work or long-term, easily sinking foundation, the crusher excessive vibration.To install the program in accordance with scientific and rational, and lay a good foundation fixed crusher, and regularly check the foundation is loose, if loose, timely reinforcement after use.

2. production inspection

a. Note that the fixed crusher check for loose fasteners such as bolts, to be found loose fastening timely.Note crusher flying sheave position deviated from a correct position if the check, if the correction should be offset from immediately.

b. regularly check bearing gap, to do the production process of the bearing lubrication and reduce damage caused by vibration of the bearing.

c. Using the same size of the conveyor belt as a cushion pad, a pressure swing to reduce the crusher, reducing the vibration within a certain range.In order to prevent movement of the adjustment plate, the plate can be adjusted in the welding of two pressure plates.

d. crusher spindle load operation time or discontinuity equalization can cause severe bending of the spindle, causing the device to vibrate.At this point, we need to promptly correct the spindle, if not corrected, replace the new spindle.

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